Use your string theory


  • Interesting game mechanic
  • Free
  • Levels can be finished in many ways


  • Short
  • Too bright!


If you enjoy games like Crayon Physics, the physics based puzzle game, you might enjoy Flickerstrings.

On every bright, pulsating level, you have to draw strings to collect all the rotating blocks on-screen. Your string can be any shape you like, though it has a limited length. Once drawn, you can move the string around, like a platform game character: left, right or jump.

Each of the 12 levels has a limit on the number of strings you can create, and a Par score (like in golf!). Objects are cleverly placed to make your task more difficult, but with a bit of thinking it's not too hard. Strings are created by drawing them with the mouse, then moving them via the keyboard.

This is a very bright game, and some users might find it too much to look at for any length of time! Flickerstrings is also quite short, although it's enjoyable while it lasts, and completion opens up a level creator.

Flickerstrings is enjoyable little puzzle game, even if its bright colors make it easier to play with shades.




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